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Lake & Watershed Management

CME's environmental department conducts investigations to evaluate water quality and sedimentation levels in freshwater lakes and ponds. They share their findings with our civil engineers and work with them to develop strategies to alleviate factors impacting water quality including uncontrolled runoff from paved surfaces, soil erosion from unstable streambanks and flooding, and invasive aquatic species control.

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Webster, MA :: CME has guided this project through an inventory and assessment phase, drainage studies, Best Management Practice (BMP) design, permitting and construction. This project began with CME's preparation of the report, Stormwater Management for the Protection of Webster Lake - Phase I-Identification of Problem Areas and Potential Best Management Practices. This study documented all stormwater inflows to the lake, ranked their water quality impact, recommended BMPs and a developed a course of action to implement these BMPs to lessen the impact of stormwater runoff. In addition CME reviewed land use regulations affecting the Lake and prepared modifications to these regulations, especially in the area of erosion and sediment control.

The photograph below shows a water quality swale that was constructed in 2006. This engineered BMP has greatly reduced sediment and nutrient loading to the Lake from an area of the State Route 193 / Interstate 395 interchange (Exit 1), while requiring very little maintenance. Additionally, CME provided oversight for the installation of hydrodynamic separators to improve water quality in residential areas and stabilization of outlet structures. Portions of the project have been funded through a Small Lakes Grant from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Management.

Water Quality Swale
Middletown Brownfields

CME provides investigative and remedial planning services to rehabilitate brownfields sites for new use.
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