CME Helps To Establish New Innovation Corridor in Connecticut

CME Helps Establish New Innovation Corridor

The Northeast Innovation Hub recently won a $50,000 grant to help it jump-start economic development. This grant was awarded by The CTNext Program for the maximum allowed. It will be used to plan the next state of a Northeast Innovation Hub which includes Putnam, Killingly, Windham, Mansfield, Tolland, The University of Connecticut, Eastern Connecticut State University and Quinebaug Valley Community College. John Guszkowski was instrumental in bringing key components to the table and raising enthusiasm to envision and pursue necessary funding to launch the program.

“I think it’s a great recognition of the fact that our area has an unbelievable and under-appreciated collection of industries that employ a lot of people in high-technology jobs and require a skilled workforce. These industries have tremendous potential for growth. Our towns need to start recognizing this fact and treat the area like a truly unified region by connecting businesses, the workforce, education, and the improvements of our historic urban centers like Putnam, Danielson and Willimantic that have historically attracted lots of activity and can do so again.” – John Guszkowski

As is demonstrated in similar regions such as Silicon Valley in California, this initiative will have positive impact in the following areas: economic development, community enrichment, workforce education and skill development, and labor retention.

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