CME Associates’ CEO Presented at the UConn Transportation Graduate Seminar

UConn Presentation, Brad Cheney

CME Associates, Inc. (CME) President and CEO, Brad Cheney was invited to present at UConn’s Transportation Graduate Seminar held on Monday, October 9, 2017. Mr. Cheney presented “A Design Consultants Perspective of the Delivery of Highway & Bridge Infrastructure in New England”.

His presentation began with an introduction about himself and the history of CME which led to a discussion about past and present projects. He went into detail on projects such as 93 Fast 14 Rapid Bridge Replacement Project and Commonwealth Avenue Bridge Replacement Project, both of which integrated the use of Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) and alternative contracting techniques. He finished his presentation with a discussion about autonomous vehicles and how their use in coming years will impact existing and future infrastructure. He shared how it was related to techniques currently used by CME and what can be done now to prepare for this transition. Mr. Cheney then opened the floor for a Q&A where students were able to address their thoughts and concerns on the topics presented.

“It was great to be back at my old stomping grounds”, says Mr. Cheney. “I was pleased that Nick reached out to me,” he said, referring to Nicholas Lownes, Associate Head and CE Graduate Program Director for the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at UConn. “I hope that I provided insight to the students while demonstrating the many possibilities for them in the near future,” he added.

After the presentation, Mr. Cheney and Mr. Bryan Busch, COO and former Structural Division Manager at CME, joined Arash Zaghi, Assistant Professor at UConn’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, to view the Department’s most recent projects. They were accompanied by Alexandra Hain, UConn Ph.D. student, and Kevin McMullen, UConn Graduate Research Assistant in UConn’s Structures lab.

“I was very impressed by their knowledge and understanding of the need for these practical solutions using innovative materials”, says Mr. Busch. “One project focused on the development of corroded bridge girders by encasing beam ends with Ultra-High Performance Fiber Reinforced Concrete,” he reflected. “The second project focused on the development of a bridge bearing assembly that can measure and record actual bearing loads and rotations of bridges carrying traffic.” He goes on to add; “The students then presented an application using a pipe from the petrochemical industry that was compromised of a polymer resin with embedded steel fibers. This pipe has the potential for use in bridge piers and other structural support applications”, says Mr. Busch.

To view Mr. Cheney’s presentation, please click here.