CME Construction Engineering & Inspection Team Expands with Five New Hires

Construction Engineering & Inspection

Michael Garafalo, NICET IV, Samuel Gucciardi Jr. PE, Simon Disla, NICET III, Richard Smith, NICET III and Jaime Mitchell NICET III have joined CME. The addition of Garafalo, Gucciardi, Disla, Smith, and Mitchell expands CME’s technical bench and brings an array of valuable expertise in construction-based services that include roads, bridges, rail and transit systems.

Michael Garafalo, NICET IV

Michael Garafalo, our new Construction Engineering & Inspection Manager, brings 36 years of a wide range of experience delivering infrastructure projects. Mr. Garafalo has experience in overseeing a variety of infrastructure, transportation and active construction site inspection projects, with extensive experience in intersection and roadway improvements; sewer, water and storm drain assessment projects for federal, state and local clients.

Samuel Gucciardi, Jr., PE

Samuel Gucciardi, Jr., Senior Inspector, brings 36 years of extensive experience in construction inspection, design, drafting, cost estimating, project record keeping and project management. Mr. Gucciardi has experience implementing computerized record keeping systems and material quantity computations. Additional experience includes oversight of concrete sampling and testing, sieve analysis of roadway sub base and various backfill materials, roadway sub base inspection, bituminous concrete paving inspection and nuclear density testing.

Simon Disla, Senior Inspector, NICET III

Simon Disla, Senior Inspector, brings 26 years of diversified experience in highway and transportation, field inspection and project management. Mr. Disla served as a technical lead on numerous infrastructure projects where he was responsible for coordinating and overseeing the design and development of highway.

Richard Smith, Senior Inspector, NICET III

Richard Smith, Senior Inspector, brings 40 years of extensive experience in civil engineering. Mr. Smith has experience in construction administration, roadway geometry, drainage design, preparation of specifications, and preparation of estimates and construction documents. He has been responsible for the design of over 100 traffic control signal installations throughout the region; has worked on planning projects, environmental studies, and parking and feasibility studies.

Jaime Mitchell NICET III

Jaime Mitchell, Senior Inspector, brings 12 years of experience as a construction inspector. Mr. Mitchell has extensive experience performing field inspections for the installation of various types and sizes of stormwater drainage piping, structures, box culverts, new and live sanitary sewer mains and service laterals, water mains, valves and hydrants.


CME demonstrates value to our clients by delivering innovative and cost-effective solutions to fulfill their unique needs. The firm’s CEI projects range from the improvement of municipal infrastructure to nationally recognized mega transportation projects including rehabilitation of interstate highway viaducts, complex urban bridge replacements, and accelerated construction of major arterial connectors.