Crumbling Concrete Foundations

Is your home affected by crumbling foundations?

Upwards of 35,000 plus homes in parts of Connecticut may be affected by naturally occurring mineral identified as pyrrhotite, an iron sulfide within concrete aggregate originating from a quarry in Willington. The mineral causes the slow deterioration of concrete foundations when exposed to oxygen and water. While its presence indicates the potential for concrete deterioration, its existence alone does not necessarily cause it. Residential structures in approximately 41 towns may be affected. As a structure continues to deteriorate, it often becomes unsound.

How we can help

CME provides professional engineering services to fulfill Crumbling Foundations documentation requirements for government funding assistance in the following:

       •  Crumbling Foundations Property Assessment

       •  Structural Engineering Services
              •  Visual Inspections
              •  Testing Recommendations

Over the past 5 years, CME has been involved with designing new foundations for houses. Our expertise, collaboration with technical resources and field experience sets us apart from other firms.

Typical Process:

A designated CME engineer will schedule a meeting with the homeowner to discuss concerns, goals, and expectations. They will then arrange to inspect the subject structure’s foundation, if applicable.

Both the inside and outside of the foundation is assessed. Necessary visual field data is obtained including measurements and photographs. Based on this information, CME will prepare an inspection letter detailing our findings and recommendations.

CME provides support services for your future needs including structural design services regarding reinforcing the existing structure. These services may also include assistance to the contractor that is working on the home for repair.


Thank you for all your help….greatly appreciate it. We wish we would have contacted you at the beginning of this process.

Kim Broughal, Homeowner

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CME has the resources and expertise to efficiently respond to the needs of families whose homes are destabilized by weak and crumbling foundations. Please fill out the contact form below for more information.


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