State & Federal Local Bridge Programs

CME Associates, State Bridge and Federal Local Bridge Programs, Engineering Studies, Field Investigations, Project Scoping, Technical, Financial and Contract Administration, Rehabilitation, Full Replacement

Project Highlights

• Management of multiple high-profile projects
• Oversight of numerous consultants
• Public outreach and coordination services
• Management of PR campaigns






Project Summary

CME provides management services to the Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) in support of their State Bridge and Federal Local Bridge programs. These programs manage the state’s bridge infrastructure and provide funding assistance to bridges under municipal jurisdictions. As a part of this contract, CME provides: field investigations, evaluations, preliminary design and final project scoping. These projects are then turned over to the selected design team to perform the final design tasks. During this stage, CME provides technical, financial and contract administration of the design consultants.

Featured projects CME has been assigned to manage include the Gold Star Bridge in New London (Connecticut’s largest bridge structure) and the replacement of a 250-foot long structure carrying U.S. Route 1 over the MetroNorth Railroad in Stratford.  Under this program, CME also serves as CTDOT’s owner’s representative for its pilot Design-Build project in Bridgeport.  CME prepared the Base Technical Concept (BTC) plans and assisted CTDOT in preparing the procurement documents for this project.