Innovative Bridge Replacement

Project Highlights

• First uses of the NEXT Beams by the MassDOT
• Pioneer project for precast concrete abutments
• Project was completed on time and under budget
• Winner of the 2013 PCI Best All Precast Solution Award






Project Summary

CME utilized advanced techniques to design the replacement of an aging and deteriorated single span steel bridge with a new prestressed concrete bridge. The bridge’s rural location made a lengthy closure difficult and undesirable. In addition, the two lane roadway is curved complicating the geometry and adding another challenge. MassDOT asked CME to come up with an innovative solution to replace the structure quickly and economically.

CME used the PCI Next Beam along with precast and cast in place solutions to replace the existing structure in 60 days. The NEXT Beam was ideal for this project because it provided a shallow superstructure, reduce project costs, expedite construction and accommodated the horizontal curve of the roadway. The curved NEXT Beam created an elegant structure that is pleasing to the eye as the traveler crosses the bridge.This bridge was chosen by MassDOT as a benchmark project for their Accelerated Bridge Program and was the recipient of industry awards.