Fishers Island Recreation Path

Project Highlights

• Multi-use trail in scenic coastal setting
• Mitigation of sensitive coastal/marsh wetland areas
• Equipment and materials delivered via ferry






Project Summary

Fishers Island is a small island off the coast of New York. The residents of the East End wanted more bike and pedestrian options and improved safety for recreation, which has now become Fishers Island Recreation Path. They secured a landscape architect to assist in the design of a multi-use trail. CME was asked to provide design assistance to the landscape architect. The approximately four-mile scenic pathway winds through environmentally sensitive areas including marshlands and coastal wetlands.
CME provided detailed mapping using traditional, aerial, and GPS technologies; civil engineering design; and evaluation and mitigation of impacts to wetland areas in support of the project. Additionally, CME provided plans for erosion and sedimentation control measures, drainage solutions, grading plans for areas of path and roadway intersection as well as structural design of a pedestrian deck crossing.
As the project progressed to construction, CME assisted with the bidding process and provided construction oversight and inspection services. As the site is on an island, all equipment and materials needed to be loaded and freighted by ferry boat to the island. Coordination of weights and sizes of trucks and equipment was needed to ensure safe passage across Long Island Sound.