Restoration of the Groton Monument

Project Highlights

• Restoration of Revolutionary War monument
• Use of historically accurate materials
• Modern techniques to identify needed repairs
• Coordination of stakeholders






Project Summary

The Groton Monument at Fort Griswold State Park in Groton, Connecticut is a 135 ft. granite obelisk that was erected in 1830 to commemorate the 88 lives lost during Revolutionary War’s Battle of Groton Heights in 1781.  It had developed significant cracking in the masonry and begun showing signs of seepage in the interior of the structure. A large bulge had also developed in the north façade near the base of the structure. The intent of the project was to locate the source of the problems, evaluate the extent of damage due to it and other possible factors and develop plans to repair the damage and stabilize the structure.

CME conducted a comprehensive exterior and interior inspection of the Groton Monument which included the use of a crane lift to observe outside surfaces and a fiber-optic viewer to probe cracks and seams where mortar had eroded. Our team also investigated the materials and methods used in the construction of the obelisk and took samples of mortar to analyze its composition.

CME’s team collaborated to develop remedial design and prepare construction documents for the preservation of the Groton Monument. The granite blocks required repointing and historically-accurate mortar matching that used in the original construction was used for the restoration. The large bulge area was disassembled and reconstructed using the original stonework. CME provided oversight of the project during the preservation process.