I-93 Fast 14

Project Highlights

• Met the aggressive construction schedule
• Modular components to expedite construction
• Complex traffic management program
• Developed a plan with no weekday lane closures
• Provided construction oversight
• Project received numerous industry awards






Project Summary

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation selected CME to plan and oversee this massive bridge replacement project widely known as the “Fast 14”. CME was initially asked to evaluate and design repairs or replacements to the bridge decks, however; during the course of the investigation it became clear to all that there was a need to replace the steel as well. CME was asked to develop a solution that allowed for the replacements to be done quickly and offered minimal impacts to traffic, the metro area, and the town of Medford.

In less than one month, CME developed an approach which included using a modular steel girder system lifted in place by cranes to expedite construction. The design team also developed an innovative traffic management program that allowed the Interstate to maintain traffic volumes during the week and continuous construction from Friday night through 5 a.m. on Monday morning. Additionally, CME worked with the MassDOT materials unit to develop a “High Early Concrete” specification created a high quality concrete mix that cures exponentially quicker without the cracking that is typically associated with fast-setting mixes.

The preliminary plans CME developed were finalized by the chosen design-build team to complete the design and construction. As a result of the complexity of the design, the aggressiveness of the schedule and concerns over impacts to the Boston metro area, CME was asked to remain on-site throughout the project to oversee progress. This project was a resounding success and has received many industry awards for its innovation.