Our Companions

Our Companions, Ashford, Connecticut, CME Associates, Water Supply Engineer, Consultant

Project Highlights

• Expansive brownfield site
• Wetland restoration and mitigation
• Design of prototype structures for animal shelters






Project Summary

Our Companions, an animal rescue organization in Connecticut, is revolutionizing adoption, training and rehabilitation of homeless pets. CME is proud to have provided professional services in support of this dynamic organization. More than 13 years ago, CME’s Environmental Director, Wayne Bugden, was on the first Board of Directors of Our Companions.  When Our Companions received a donation of a 43-acre, abandoned industrial poultry farm, he directed the environmental cleanup, including removal and recycling tons of debris and appliances, proper disposal of hundreds of pounds of pesticides, remediation of a heating oil spill from a leaking underground storage tank, and stabilization of a 400-foot earthen dam.  CME also managed the asbestos abatement and demolition of more than 100,000 square feet of poultry coops. When it came time to build the state-of-the-art animal rescue facility, CME provided soil testing, land survey, engineering and architectural design.  We obtained permits from wetland and zoning agencies, and health department approvals for septic systems and water wells.  As part of the permitting process, CME’s scientists designed and permitted a wetland mitigation area, which has improved the site’s wildlife habitat while allowing site development to proceed.  Today, this former industrial egg farm has been transformed into a thriving animal welfare facility in a lovely setting.