XtraMart Gas Station

CME Associates, XtraMart, Gas Station, Convenience Store, Guilford, Connecticut, Community Development, Architectural Design, Traffic, Permitting

Project Highlights

• Architectural design to comply with district restrictions
• Wetlands Restoration
• Passive invasive species control
• Traffic improvements






Project Summary

CME assisted a regional convenience store with the design and permitting of a new store location in Guilford, Connecticut. CME provided the architectural and site design plans including improvements to traffic impacts through the design and installation of new traffic signals.

In addition, a condition of the wetlands approval was the restoration of wetlands that had been filled by a previous owner. CME worked with the new owners to develop a restoration plan for the wetland areas as part of their site design. The design of the restoration area was incorporated into the site stormwater management system to provide a wet basin that minimizes the spread of invasive species present on an adjacent property. Design features include dense woody shrub planting and maintaining standing water in the basin to control hydrologic and canopy conditions at the restoration area.